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Our philosophy and vision will come from our vast experience in the soccer world 
At Empire, we believe that an early commitment is so important to establish a solid technical and mental foundation. Learning young is learned for life, so when you learn, learn well from the start.
Our main goal is to bring players to the next soccer level, from talented to the level of excellence, and use our scouting experience to give them a chance to play at the top professional level.
Our mission is to give an opportunity for young players to develop their soccer skills as well as leadership qualities.
In Empire, we keep the way of playing recognizable, attractive, creative, fast, and fair soccer. Also, we strive to inspire our players with discipline, respect, character, and excellence both on and off the field.
Those qualities will assist players to achieve their personal goals and produce players proud of wearing Soccer club shirts.
We are “soccer people” who are deeply rooted within the industry and since the company was established in 1994 we have continued to work with major clubs, coaches and players from the English Premier League, European League Soccer and numerous professional leagues around the world.
In addition to working with players, we are FIFA Licensed Match agents and have been responsible for arranging games and tours for some of the top teams around the world.


We know that trust is something intangible, built and maintained through dedication. The professional relationship we have with our athletes goes beyond merely providing services. We feel the defeats, the successes and the struggles of athletes like ours and we learn from the challenges we face together.


​Our advisory service is designed to accompany the athlete in the medium to long term. This strategic vision is entirely compatible with our capacity to make quick decisions if the situation so requires.


The discovery and promotion of young talents are also one of the main aims of this company, providing them with careful career planning in what is practically a family atmosphere. This positive working environment is made possible by the way the ESA team is set up and functions made up of close to twenty competent and dedicated professionals.