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   Professional Soccer Tryouts
Q: Who pays the tryout costs?
A: Players are responsible for 100% of their own tryout expenses including airplane tickets, Accommodations, and food.
Q: Does the player get to try out for whatever team they want?
A: No, tryouts are provided with clubs based on which clubs match your playing style, playing level, physical attributes, and club requests.  Players can not choose or decide which club they want to try out.
Q:  I’m already signed with another agent, can I attend your tryout?
A: No, we only work with players who do not currently have an agent.
Q: Do you guarantee that all players will make a team in Europe?
A: No, we provide no guarantees that you will be successful in your tryout.
Q:  Do you guarantee that I will try out with a 1st division team in Europe?
A: No, most players without a previous national team or professional experience are not ready for the 1st division.  We place players with the appropriate club according to their current playing level, playing style, and other factors.
Q: What else do I need to try out?
A:  You must have your own soccer shoes, socks, shorts, shirt, and shin guards.
Q: What if I don’t make it?
A: It’s possible that we can find you another tryout or tryouts but this is based on the request of the clubs and we may be able to offer you a position in other clubs, and academy teams.  However, we provide no guarantees that you are good enough to play professional or even competitive soccer.  We make the connections for the players that we select.
Q: What are the age and citizenship requirements to participate in your tryouts?
A: You must be at least 13 years old and have a valid passport or EU citizen to attend our tryouts due to work permit regulations and other related issues.  We recommend that you be no older than 30 to try out.
Q: How much does the tryout cost in Europe?
A: $2600 USD covers 1-month trials meals, accommodations to and from the airport and health-insurance
flight is separate 
A: If your injury, or any other problem that prevents you from coming on the agreed date, occurs before arriving in Spain, we can save the money for another occasion when you have recovered. Bearing in mind that when you book our program, we put everything in place to make sure all is perfect: Personal, host families, clubs … for that reason no refunds are made, but you can enjoy it at any other time. If your injury occurs during your stay, we will give you all the tools for your recovery, depending on the severity of the injury and the recovery time, we will seek a satisfactory solution for everyone.
A: At the moment you are clear that you want to come and work with us, we will do a Skype interview, we will give you the different options of clubs and we will sign a contract. Then we will help you to manage your paperwork in case you need it to enter Spain, once you obtain it, we will receive 50% of the full amount. To finish, you will have to buy the plane tickets for the dates that we offer you so that there are no problems with the clubs. Before buying tickets you must always check the dates with us, we can not be held responsible in case you buy the tickets on dates when, for example, there is no training